I am a third-year phd candidate in Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) at Tsinghua, supervised by Prof. Jie Tang. I recieved my Master’s Degree from School of Software, Tsinghua University in 2021, advised by Prof. Ping Luo. My research focus on scientific language model and graph representaion learning.

I am now a visiting student researcher at Caltech CMS hosted by Prof. Yisong Yue.

🎖 Honors and Awards

📝 Preprints

arXiv 2024

SciGLM: Training Scientific Language Models with Self-Reflective Instruction Annotation and Tuning

Dan Zhang, Ziniu Hu, Sining Zhoubian, Zhengxiao Du, Kaiyu Yang, Zihan Wang, Yisong Yue, Yuxiao Dong, and Jie Tang.

[PDF] | [Code&Data] | [Model]

📚 Publications

WWW 2024

RecDCL: Dual Contrastive Learning for Recommendation

Dan Zhang, Yangliao Geng, Wenwen Gong, Zhongang Qi, Zhiyu Chen, Xing Tang, Ying Shan, Yuxiao Dong, and Jie Tang.

[PDF] | [Code&Data]

WWW 2023

ApeGNN: Node-Wise Adaptive Aggregation in GNNs for Recommendation

Dan Zhang, Yifan Zhu, Yuxiao Dong, Yuandong Wang, Wenzheng Feng, Evgeny Kharlamov, and Jie Tang.

[PDF] | [Code&Data] | [Slides_pdf]

TKDE 2024

DropConn: Dropout Connection Based Random GNNs for Molecular Property Prediction

Dan Zhang, Wenzheng Feng, Yuandong Wang, Zhongang Qi, Ying Shan, and Jie Tang.

[PDF] | [Code&Data]

📖 Educations

💬 Services

  • Teaching assistant Advanced Machine Learning (2023 Fall), Programing and Training (2023 Summer)